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Brow and Forehead Lift


Unlike women who typically have and desire a more curved brow, men have a straight brow. Dr. Levine works closely with her male patients to understand their goals and walk them through the treatment to achieve the desired, masculine result. Depending on the patient’s goals, treatment may include surgical or non-invasive procedures.

  • The Surgery:


    The standard forehead lift, recommended for severe age-related forehead and eyebrow problems, is performed through an incision in the hairline of the forehead. The operation takes about two hours, and may be performed with you awake with intravenous sedation or asleep under general anesthesia at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in NYC. At the end of the operation, small sutures and surgical staples are placed to close the incision. These are removed in seven to ten days. A small plastic drain is used to remove any accumulated blood overnight, and is removed the next day in the NYC office. You are able to go home the same day as the operation. If your eyebrow or forehead problem is not too severe, then perhaps you would be a candidate for endoscopic surgery of the forehead. Through five or six small incisions in the scalp, the deep grooves of the forehead can be improved and the eyebrows raised. We would be pleased to discuss this procedure in more detail during our consultation.

  • The Recovery:


    You will be able to return to work in ten days and will be able to resume your routine activities and exercise at three weeks. There is very little swelling or bruising, but you will notice some numbness in the forehead and scalp for several months. You will also find that raising your eyebrows will feel funny for several months. However, these small nuisances are not a major concern to most of our patients. Your improved look will be subtle to everyone but you. Many people will say how well rested you look, or ask you if you have changed your hairstyle. This procedure alone can make you look anywhere from five to ten years younger.

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