chemical peels nyc Overview

Acne, uneven pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of sun-damage and aging can all be improved with chemical peels. Dr. Levine offers a variety of chemical peels in her NYC office that help with both superficial and deep lines to address a variety of skin concerns. The chemical peels are combined with pre- and post-treatment skin care regimes to obtain maximum benefits with minimum downtime. Dr. Levine will go over the specifics of each chemical peel for the individual patient. Dr. Levine will also help design a skin care regimen to obtain lasting results.

As the chemical solution will exfoliate the aging and damaged layer of the skin, patients will experience a smooth layer that is less wrinkled to provide an improved and refreshing look. Dr. Levine complements the chemical peels and the new look of her patients with the best rhinoplasty in NYC. The Procedure:

When arriving for the peel, all patients will be prepped with a thorough cleansing of the skin. From a refreshing peel to a deep peel, the prep and procedure will vary. A deep peel is performed in a surgical setting, treated one small section at a time. A medium and lunchtime peel is applied quickly and evenly after preparation. Dr. Levine will remove the peel at just the right time for optimal results.

Providing a gentle peel, chemicals involved in the treatment include glycolic, lactic or fruit acids, trichloroacetic acids, or alpha-hydroxy acids. Redness and irritation may be present, but the use of particular creams and gels recommended by Dr. Levine will reduce the side effects. Recovery:

For a medium and refreshing type of peel, the downtime will be much shorter than a deep peel. Lotion and cream should be applied after all treatments until the skin heals. The healing time for a superficial peel can take up to seven days, while up to 14 days for a medium peel. Deep peels require the treated area to be bandaged for 14 days and the skin to be soaked and applied with ointment between four and six times per day for the first two weeks after the treatment. The progress of recovery must be frequently monitored by Dr. Levine.

Sunscreen should be applied every day after the skin has healed, and use the provided moisturizer to keep the skin moist. Scratching and rubbing can cause an infection, and patients that experience itches or swells on the skin should contact Dr. Levine immediately.

A follow up visit is required after a medium and deep procedure, and several visits are necessary during the first week after a deep peel. Patients must avoid smoking and sun exposure following the procedure due to the causation of unwanted side effects.

Dr. Levine has obtained a board certification with the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction and the American Board of Otolaryngology, specializing in all types of surgical and non-surgical skin treatments, including ultherapy in NYC. Learn more about the procedure by contacting the NYC office of Dr. Levine today.